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Committment to Equal Justice

At Jones Gaglio & Dennis our attorneys are committed to fighting for our clients.  Our firm believes in equality for all.  We recognize that that is not always in society.  Regardless of your sexual orientation, race or religious background you can be rest assured that we will fight for you and treat you with dignity and respect.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Marriage Equaility Nationwide.  What does it Mean in Florida?

The Supreme Court's decision in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, will go down in history as the landmark case that established the right to marry for gay and lesbian couples.  Florida already had legalized gay marriage months before so does this latest decision really mean much of a change to Floridians?  Yes!  In more ways than the media is discussing.


Larger Impact of the decision on the US and Floridians (Gay & Straight)

Same sex couples could already marry in Florida prior to the SC ruling so why is this a big deal?  The reason has more to do with the trend of the SC in its rulings and the basis for fining rather than the precise holding of the case.  What the SC is telling us is that in a larger context sexual orientation cannot be used to deny a person a legal right.  In this precise case that legal right was the right to marry.  But the SC does not take rights away.  Once a right is granted it only ever expands.


This means that you can be certain that in the coming years you will be hearing the SC rule on other issues such as discrimination in the workplace.  If you are a straight person running a business you need to pay attention to this case because it is telling you that you cannot hire or fire someone based on their sexual orientation.  While that may not be the law at the moment, depending on where you live, but you can be sure that will become law as the rationale in this case is extended to other rights.


At JG&D we will be monitoring this ever changing situation.  Our attorneys will help you through whatever obstacles you face.  If you want to know what your legal rights are contact us and let us help you.



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