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DUI / DWI / Driving Under the Influence

Have you been pulled over, arrested & charged with a DWI?

Many thoughts may be racing through your mind, and you may wonder:


“Am I going to be arrested?”

“Will I have to take a breath, blood or urine test?”

“Can I refuse to submit to these tests?”

“What is the legal limit in Florida?”

‘Will I have to go to jail?”

“Do I need a lawyer?”

“How do I know what lawyer to hire?”


The attorneys at Jones Gaglio & Dennis, can help answer these questions for you, and possibly help you achieve some piece of mind. First, you need to find, consult and hire an experienced North Florida DUI Lawyer. We are based in Panama City and represent clients in Panama City Beach, Lynn Haven, Chipley, Destin, Ft. Walton, Marianna, Tallahassee, Bonifay and throughout the panhandle. A DUI charge is serious even if it’s your first time being arrested because a conviction and, in most cases just an arrest, will cause you to lose your right to drive. Since most of us have to drive back and forth to work you should take the arrest very serious. Being able to demonstrate to the state attorney that you are serious in your defense and ready to deliver an aggressive defense will level the playing field and often times cases are resolved without trial.


Our attorneys both grew up in the panhandle. Ms. Gaglio has over 25 years of experience. Mr. Dennis is a former trial court attorney in this Circuit, the 14th Judicial Circuit, working with the judges. Having worked in the judiciary he is very familiar with the policies and procedures of the courts and those of the State Attorney’s office.


Florida DUI Laws

If you are charged with a DUI, Florida Statutes state that you will be subject to two cases. The first is the criminal case. The second case is brought on behalf of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor vehicles. This case is an administrative hearing that puts your license to drive at risk. In addition to needing a skilled Panama City DUI attorney you need an attorney experienced in administrative hearings to protect your privilege to drive.


What Is a DUI?

A DUI is a criminal offense, proven by unlawful blood or breathe alcohol levels of .08 or more. It can also be proven by the impairment of normal faculties while operating a motor vehicle, or by a urine test. It is not simply the level of alcohol in your blood. That is proof of a DUI, but not the only manner in which it can be proven. If you refuse to submit to a blood alcohol test, this is admissible as evidence in court.


The implied consent laws in Florida state that if you choose to drive on Florida roadways then you agree to obey all Florida and DUI traffic laws. You are also agreeing that you are required to submit to a blood or breathe alcohol test at the request of a Florida police officer. Refusing the test the first time will result in a one year suspension of your license. If you refuse a second time, during a second incident, then you will be subject to 18 months in jail.


What To Do If You Have Been Arrested For a DUI?

Being charged with a DUI does not automatically lead to a conviction, but if you want to fight the charge you must act quickly. You have only 10 days from the time you were arrested to request a hearing. You can only fight the charge if a hearing is held. It is critical that you hire an experienced Panama City DUI lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights. There are many DUI law firms in the panhandle, and it is necessary that you do research to ensure that you find the right law firm for you.


Contact a Skilled DUI Defense Lawyer

Your third DUI offense within ten years is considered a felony. This is why it is critical that you not take even your first DUI offense lightly. With over 40 years of combined legal experience, the attorneys at Jones Gaglio & Dennis, P.A. are well-equipped to build you a strong defense in Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Leon, Walton and Washington County.


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